– I will not eat this!
– And what, deer, is it harmful?
– Well, food should bring pleasure …

There are many and similar things you can hear and read on the Internet about nutrition, more precisely, when it comes to natural, not spoiled by culinary “wisdom.”

By and large, cooking has played a wicked joke with a man: we became her hostages; in the vast majority, she changed the natural products to the loss of their “identity”, and with her – many valuable properties.

And if the strip of vegetables and green leaves is a healthy food, then the banana and ice cream strip is a potential diabetes and obesity (“oh, well, really, just from banana and ice cream right away diabetes?” – someone will ask. But not immediately, but after prolonged attachment to such “healthy savory”).


• Cobbled in flour and fried.
• Stewed, but pre-fried.
• In the extreme case, it is baked, but before it is hammered in honey and sweet mustard and baked to a rosy that is almost like roasted.

• As a rule, it is fried.
• Soup also fry, although we reassure ourselves that “stew under the hood”, pouring half a glass of oil on the frying pan.
• Add mayonnaise. In extreme cases we make home with half a liter of oil, 250 grams from which you can eat easily with eating at a time.
• Pastry with butter, because margarine is harmful. But butter with sugar.

• Well, at least sweet. “Well, a little bit of sugar can be?
• Or sweetened.
• Oh, sugar can not be, because “white death”, then – “cane”. Is coconut. Are you agaves “Well, this is natural.” And dear, therefore, it seems even useful, it is not for nothing that the money is taken.
• Or honey “Well, honey is also natural, his grandfathers-great-grandfathers ate and lived to 100 years old.” • In short, love sweet and “fruit here does not roll” in any way.

• Batons, rolls, chiabatas, baguettes, vareniks, olives, pancakes, dumplings, pasta horns, pancakes, as well as cauliflower, but pre-cooked, and then cobbled in eggs and flour and fried.

Our love for such food is very contagious. So that even bloggers from healthy eating and popular chefs, due to insufficient knowledge and lack of confidence in their own “food” principles, are ready to please us and get our approval, come up with “healthy” recipes, where, with healthy names, they are the same our favorite pancakes and roasted, baked to the “crunchy” and “rosy” where the sugar and medicine. I also balance the reputation of the “gastrofastist” and the doctor who popularizes the “radical”, according to some people, food, all the time. So how to be?

Healthy eating is unlikely to make you a long-term survivor if it’s not in your genes, but it will definitely help you realize your age-old potential (that is, give you chances to survive your possible years) and significantly reduce the risk of having a bunch of illnesses that will do you helpless crippling, filled with pain and suffering. A healthy diet, unequivocally, will help you to feel all the colors of life and live it in strength and with a clear head.

Therefore, I want to reiterate that the food that does not lead to premature destruction of the body (because, unfortunately, it is still destroyed over the years) and premature death, it is eating dishes of simple foods, those around us. What can be eaten raw, you must eat raw, but if you cook, then – cook, cook for a couple, at least – bake and then – without a blush. Because that blush will destroy protein molecules, which means – the whole body.

Do not fry Reduce the sunflower oil to a minimum and then – only unrefined and not daily; refined – then refined potential illnesses. Like pancakes – take whole-wheat flour, make dumplings, casseroles, noodles, but not pancakes and no lard. Boil the meat and fish to be delicious – sprinkle lemon or berry juice. Take it and minimize it, fish twice a week.

Desserts – natural sweets – dried fruits, fruits, berries, black chocolate. You can already give the will of fantasy, for example, to make a strip, adding seeds of flax and nuts. But you can simply eat them and save time to use for something else.

And we also need to eat every day, not just in the season. And for those who can not “throw in leaves”, let it begin with a few leaves. Even very sick who can not chew, leaves are also needed. Though the leaf is in the form of puree.

But while we have our teeth, we must have less lane, and more to chew, eat simple and crunchy food, and educate their children to this, and not to twist the snake, inventing that to cook today? It is better to use this time for cooking for other uses, for example, for movement. Because the movement is even more sad than with food. “It’s not hard, it’s dark, then it’s hot, it’s cold, then it’s too early, it’s late, then your knees will blow away, and your heart will break, your back is bad, the veins are on your feet, no one has escaped from the heart attack” (all taken from life).

For a long time to not crumble: food, movement and sleep are a necessity, but they do not have to be reduced to a certain cult, especially the culinary cult. Do you understand

Girls, this post is for us, because we have traditionally been taught to stand at the stove and to soar-whip-whip