Everything autumn is on the table!


I used to write about the genius of nature: in all seasonal gifts there is a meaning. For example: in autumn there is less sun and many people “cover”, as they say, “autumn depression”, which, translated into the language of biochemistry, means less production of neurotransmitters that provide good mood – serotonin and dopamine, as an enzyme is activated that suppresses their activity – MAO (monoamine oxidase).

Autumn APPLES and GRAPES contain substances that inhibit MAO activity, which ensures a high level of dopamine and serotonin.
Conclusion: in the fall, eat apples and grapes.

Berries of sea buckthorn.
They contain carotenoids, which are transformed into vitamin A in the body, as well as a lot of vitamin C, which allows the immune system to be on the alert (hypothermia, viruses, etc.), and also – catechins – universal adaptogens and neuroprotectors – protect brain cells from the accumulation of amyloid a protein that leads to Alzheimer’s disease.
Catechins inhibit the loss of muscle mass and the development of senility.
The use of sea buckthorn improves the condition of the skin, it is less prone to weathering and its barrier is strengthened, which protects the body from the penetration of substances harmful to it.
They have an antiviral effect.
Protect skin from photoaging.
Conclusion: in the fall, eat sea buckthorn, at least a tablespoon.

Just a klondike of flavonoids (quercetin, kempferol, apigenin, luteolin and others). Under these intricate terms, a powerful healing effect on the body is hidden.
Quercetin is a proven nutritional geroprotector, neuroprotector, and cardioprotector.
It stimulates autophagy in every cell of our body – that is, the process of cleansing from toxins, cellular “debris”, actually renews the cells.
Increases stress resistance of cells – that is, they become less vulnerable to various types of stress (toxins, viruses, mutations).
It also has an antiviral effect (due to volatile).
It also contains phytosterols, which normalize cholesterol and blood pressure (very useful for all hypertensive patients).

Here you can write a whole novel about youth and longevity.
This is such a powerful geroprotector that one who does not eat cabbage loses a lot …. loses a lot of years of life.

What does kale do with our body?
✅Protects against atherosclerosis.
✅Protects against cancer.
✅Normalizes the immune system.
✅Helps to normalize body weight, in particular, lose weight.
✅It is a powerful detoxifier (sulforaphane, indole-3-carbinol).
✅Provides a fresh complexion, good skin function.
✅If purple cabbage – then even more antimutagenic properties, protection of the brain from memory loss.
Conclusion: eat cabbage.
P.S. Who can’t in the salad – rub on a coarse or fine grater, or at least a spoonful of cabbage juice, and that’s good.

MY BREAKFAST (in the photo).
Egg on a pillow of baked tomatoes.
Bell pepper.
Greens kale and arugula.
Purple cabbage, grated, with the addition of olive oil and lemon juice.
Baked Pumpkin.
Hummus (prepared, from the supermarket).

DRINK FROM Viburnum: wash the viburnum, and pour the boiling water with the sprigs and beat in a blender, let it brew for 5 minutes, strain. To whom it will be bitter – kiss 🙂 (well, good, you can add an incomplete spoon of honey 🙂

And may the Force be with us!

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