About the benefits of mushrooms and why they should be eaten.

Have you ever wondered how everything in nature is very ingeniously arranged so that a person at different times of the year is healthy and survives? For example, seasonal vegetables, fruits, berries, nuts, mushrooms – all in due time produce fruits, the components of which the body needs at this particular time of the year.

Today we are talking about mushrooms, about their benefits. After reading the Internet, it may seem that mushrooms are just fiber, and vegetable protein, which is extremely poorly absorbed and there is little sense from mushrooms.

But this is not so.

Mushrooms are good for the immune system.

Mushrooms are valuable for the immune system, especially for those who suffer from various types of allergies.

Yes, it’s not very good when the immune system responds to pollen or dust, but it also means that with the same zeal, the immune system will pounce on different types of tumors.

Mushrooms contain unique substances – micronutrients, which naturally strengthen our immunity, contributing to the production of antibodies.

An interesting experiment was carried out: two groups of people ate the same, only people from the same group ate an additional cup of boiled champignons.

Within a week, their level of IgA immunoglobulins increased by 50%, and then they stayed for another week.

Mushrooms have anti-inflammatory properties. They are especially pronounced in forest mushrooms, but even ordinary mushrooms also have these properties, so it is advisable to eat mushrooms regularly, at least once a week.

Protect from aging and disease.

Mushrooms also contain an extremely valuable amino acid called ergotionein. When we eat mushrooms, ergotionein is transported by special proteins to those places in the body that suffer most from oxidative stress – the lens of the eye, bone marrow, protecting them from destruction.

Scientists even consider ergotionine a cytoprotector, that is, a substance that protects cells.

The mechanism of action of ergotionein is the protection of DNA of mitochondria – the smallest formations in the cell that produce energy and free radicals and are very sensitive to damage (pollution, prolonged stress, intoxication, etc.).

Unlike all antioxidants, ergotionin can penetrate the mitochondrial membrane.

And mushrooms are useful for the prevention of atherosclerosis, fatty hepatosis (obesity of the liver) and obesity in general.

Ergotionein is found in different mushrooms and, what is important, it is resistant to heat, unlike another toxic substance that is destroyed when boiled mushrooms – agaritin (and when dried – it does not collapse, so you must soak and boil dried mushrooms first).

How to cook mushrooms?
Do not fry, just boil.
It can be combined with almost all dishes: cereals, vegetables, eggs.

Mushrooms – a vegetable protein that is better absorbed, if the mushrooms are minced as much as possible – make a cream soup or mushroom paste.

And mushrooms are extremely low-calorie, but contain fiber, so they are well saturated and indispensable for weight loss.

Therefore, eat mushrooms, pick them and enjoy the extraordinary time of the year 🙂

In the photo: mushrooms that I myself collected near my house and dishes from them – omelet with mushrooms and mushrooms with cream.

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