“Sorry, but I can’t eat that”


– “I won’t eat that!”

– And what, stuffed cabbage is harmful?

– Well, food should be a pleasure …

This and much more can be heard and read on the Internet about nutrition, more precisely, when it comes to natural nutrition, not spoiled by culinary “wisdom”.

By and large, cooking played a cruel joke with a humans: we became its hostages, in the vast majority its altered natural products until they lost their “identity”, and with it many of their valuable properties.

And if a smoothie with vegetables and green leaves is still healthy food, then a smoothie with banana and ice cream is a potential diabetes and obesity (“God, is there really diabetes from banana and ice cream?” – someone will ask. Not immediately, but after a long affection for such “healthy goodies”).



• Diced and fried in flour.

• Braised, but pre-fried.

• In an extreme case – baked, but before it marinated in honey and sweet mustard, and baked until rosy, almost like fried.


• As a rule, it is also fried.

• We also fry soups, although we reassure ourselves by “stewing under the lid” by pouring half a glass of oil into the pan.

• Add mayonnaise. To the extreme, we make homemade with a pint of oil, 250 grams of which can be easily and tastefully eaten at a time.

• Butter cakes because margarine is harmful. But butter with sugar.


• Well, at least sweetish. “Well, can you have a little sugar?”

• Or sweetened.

• Oh, you can’t sugar, because “white death”, then “cane”. Or coconut. Or agaves. “Well, it’s natural.” And expensive, so it seems even useful, it is not in vain that they take such money.

• Or honey. “Well, honey is natural, great-grandfathers ate it and lived up to 100 years.”

• In short, we love sweets and “fruits do not roll here” in return in any way.


• Loafs, rolls, ciabatta, baguettes, dumplings, pancakes, pasta horns, breadcrumbs, as well as cauliflower, but pre-cooked, and then fried in eggs and flour and fried.

Our love for such food is very contagious. So much so that even bloggers on healthy eating and popular cooks, due to insufficient knowledge and insecurity in their own “food” principles, are ready to please us and get our approval, come up with “healthy” recipes, where, under healthy names, are our very favorite pancakes and fried, baked until “crispy” and “golden”, with sugar and honey. I also always balance between the reputation of a “gastro-bowler” and a doctor who popularizes “radical”, according to some people, nutrition. So what to do?

A healthy diet is unlikely to make you long-lived if it is not in your genes, but it can definitely help realize your age potential (that is, give chances to live your possible years) and significantly reduce the risks of having a bunch of diseases that will make you helpless disabled people filled with pain and suffering. A healthy diet will definitely help you feel all the colors of life and live it in power and with a clear head.

Therefore, I want to repeat once again that the food that does not lead the body to premature destruction (yes, unfortunately, it still breaks down over the years) and premature death, is nutrition made from simple products, those that are around us. What can be eaten raw, you must eat raw, and if you cook, then boil, steam, less often – bake and then – without a blush. Because a blush destroys protein molecules, which means the whole body.

Do not fry. Sunflower oil is minimized and only unrefined and not every day; refined – these are refined potential diseases. Love pancakes – take whole grain flour, make dumplings, casseroles, noodles, but not pancakes. Boil meat and fish to make it tasty – sprinkle with lemon or berry juice. Keep meat to a minimum, and fish twice a week.

Desserts – natural sweets – dried fruits, fruits, berries, dark chocolate. There you can already give free rein to imagination, for example, make a smoothie by adding flax seeds and nuts. But you can just eat them and use saved time for something else.

And we also need to eat greens every day, and not just in season. And for those who can’t “push the leaves into themselves,” let them start with a few leaves. Even for the very sick who cannot chew, leaves are also required. At least a leaf in the form of mashed potatoes.

But as long as we have teeth, we need less smoothie and more to chew, eat simple food and teach our children just that, and not get out of it, thinking of what to cook today? It is better to use this time, for cooking, for another benefit, for example, for movement. Because with movement it is even sadder than with food. “So there is no strength, it’s dark, it’s hot, it’s cold, then it’s early, then it’s late, then your knees will be worn out, and your heart will break, it’s bad for your back, veins on your legs, no one has escaped a heart attack” (everything is taken from life).

In order not to dissolve for a long time: food, movement and sleep are a necessity, but they should not be reduced to any cult, especially this concerns the culinary cult. Do you understand?

Girls, this post is also for us, because we have traditionally been taught to stand by the stove and soar-bacon-bake-serve and swing so that we do not see white light. And life, unfortunately, is short and very beautiful. Eat simple foods that will be both joy and food for a healthy, beautiful body.

P.S. In 1st photo – my breakfast.

Cooked (2-3 min) frozen green peas and green beans;

Sour cabbage and tomato

Spinach and arugula greens;

Raw carrots, boiled beets;

Sea kale;

Olive oil (1 tbsp.spoon).

Berries (a couple of spoons).

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